Eternity Awaits

Jealousy? Envy? Insecurity? What cause these emotions to breed and thrive?
I think art school is just one place :|
Two years I have been at Ringling, in that time I’ve had so many of my own ups and downs regarding my personal practice, and being an artist in a community of artists, I know how we all struggle with the decisions we make in our art, so I do my best to be a supportive voice to my peers. But this mutual respect has not always come full circle.
I can feel the watching eyes of those who do not support my success waiting for me to make any false move, any comment or image that they may see and belittle me over. I am so thankful to be leaving in less than a week to be studying in NYC. I don’t feel welcome by those I used to look up to - my own peers. Perhaps they have their own reasons for being bitter, but it hurts. It is not empowering to know some people around you don’t want you to succeed.
If for some random reason someone is still reading this, if you are an artist or in school - support your peers. They are the most important connections you’ll have when you move on to the next parts of your life. Just be nice, be gracious, and show sensitivity when critiquing or reviewing others. What you say about other people says a whole lot more about yourself.